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Kate Middleton humiliated by Queen Elizabeth

Last week introduced the Queen Elizabeth of England with new guidelines, which practically means that the princesses of royal blood is higher than the princesses by marriage. So blood-princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice, never curtsy to Kate Middleton when Kate is not near Prince William . But she is there, then there will be reversal of roles. Some argue that Queen Elizabeth will only do this to remind Kate that although she is popular, she is not a true royalty. And Kate feels humiliated.

“These strategies are only for that Kate should be reminded that she is not as important as the Queen or other royal birth.” Poor Kate, it seems so old fashioned that Queen Elizabeth does something like that in today’s socie


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1 thought on “Kate Middleton humiliated by Queen Elizabeth”

  1. to me kate is the princess and the real queen… and the elizabeth is ass hole, like an devil queen

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