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Kate Winslet on Titanic 3D “A new generation will experience the movie”

Did you know that they do a Titanic 3D movie? They do this and everyone is so excited to have to do it, especially the two starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet . Kate has said “A whole new generation will live to see the movie … It’s great fun that I can actually sit with the (her children), together, and we can watch the film in theaters.” Kate has also said that 3D film is something special.

About her co-star Kate said “he looks so young and slim,” and Kate said she thinks it’s weird to see yourself as a 21-year old on the big screen again. Titanic came out 15 years ago so we can only imagine it must feel strange for the actors to see themselves at the cinema again! Will the 3D version will be as great as the original? We think so! Titanic 3D comes out on the 4th of April, so be prepared for the most wonderful movie ever

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