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Khloé, the ‘ugly duckling’ of the Kardashian family, gets her “revenge” with a reality TV show.

Her ‘Revenge Body’ program debuts today, and she will share her weight loss experience with other contestants who will have the same goal.

The Kardashian and reality world is expanding with the arrival tonight of the US Revenge Body program, starring Khloé Kardashian. In it, the middle sister of the most famous clan, will share through the small screen her experience with weight loss, and will submit a group of contestants to the hard training and diet plan that she has suffered through herself.

Tired of being the ugly duckling of the family, Khloé decided to change her image with a radical plan of sport and diet and has now become one of the sexiest in the Kardashian universe. Her height and weight difference in front of her sisters made her different from the rest of her family, so she decided to start a healthier life that also led to a physical change.

The truth is that Khloé Kardashian is now having the best stretch of her life. The young woman has returned to find love in the arms of Tristan Thompson,the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player. The NBA sportsman and the celebrity have been together for a very short time, but their love is gradually being consolidated, and they shared their first photographs together last December on social media.


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