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Kim Kardashian’s Desperate Search For A Bone Marrow Donor

Celebrities can be personal, and they can be very personal. Kim Kardashian recently shared a post on her blog, where she revealed her cousin Cici has cancer, and that she need a bone marrow donor, since she’s no longer responding to chemotherapy treatment. Now Kim is desperately trying to find a donor, and has turned to her fans to see if anyone could do it. She and her family is not compatible as donors. She also assures that it’s “not as scary as it sounds”.

“This is difficult for me to write, but we really need your help. My cousin, Cici, has been battling cancer for 17 years. She’s been going through chemo for such a long time, but now the cancer is not responding to the chemo and she needs a bone marrow stem cell transplant. This necessary procedure would hopefully give our Cici many more years to live!”, she writes.

What makes this more difficult is that the donor must be of Armenian descent because Cici is Armenian. We are asking every Armenian who reads this message to reach out to the bone marrow registry and sign up so that we can find a match for Cici.”, she also added in the post. We pray for Kim and her family, and hope they’ll find a donor

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