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Kris Humphries on Kim Kardashian to pay: “Show me the money

Kris Humphries got a huge backlash in the media after his 72 days long marriage with Kim Kardashian and when the hype finally being to bed, he decides to demand money from his future ex-wife. Kris has now applied for legal documents to force Kim to clarify exactly how much money they received during their marriage. This after Kim had remission of their wedding gifts to charitable causes. Here writes Humphries lawyer in the document: “A husband can not make a single gift to a personal property or dispose of joint personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse.”

Kris takes a financial position to the point and says he wants his fair share of what they earned during their brief marriage. We had hoped that he would not be offended if she gave the gifts to charity … However, some people certainly seems to be obsessed with the money more than anything else. It is only to find that their marriage was more a business venture than a romance.

Their whole marriage and divorce dispute feels like a never-ending story. Who knows how this drama will end?

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