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Lady Gaga’s managers are tired: “Lose 11 kg, NOW

Lady Gaga has become a bit more in recent times and we think she looks healthier and better than ever, but her record label is not really with us on that point. “She was asked to stop eating their favorite foods – pizza and pasta!” Says an insider. Gaga herself recently explained that she gained 11 kg, but that it was not her in the back, and she explained it simple with “I love to eat,” which sounds pretty healthy.

But as we said, the people around her do not like how she looks in da: “She has got the world’s muffin top when she wore tight pants on stage,” continues the insider. “She loves to eat but because of her little body will not work if she is not exercising as much as before. Her managers have asked her to stop svulla themselves of their favorite foods.” Uh, Lady Gaga looks just human like – is it bad??

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