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Lamar Odom of the lawyer – to be distinguished from Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was in Miami the last month and filmed one of the family’s many reality shows, but Lamar Odom has not been seen at all on the recordings. Now sources say that he has visited a divorce lawyer in secret and that he wants to end his three-year marriage to Khloe. “He wants to know that his assets are protected because he knows that the Kardashian family will fight for a portion of his fortune. He would rather just give her cardboard clean and finish instead of telling the truth and make her freak out.”

Khloe has said several times openly that the couple has struggled with problems, but now Lamar really tired of them. “Lamar would like to have more children., He’s just not sure if he wants them to Khloe,” the insider explained well and told me how Lamar stormed out of their shared house a month ago and cried to Khloe that “you can not give me children – I stand “. PIGS! Poor Khloe, we hope it solves itself in the best way

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