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Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Alyce Crawford After Splitting from Blake Lively

Yes it did go away! It seems that Leonardo DiCaprio has already moved on from Blake Lively ! You’ve seen him with a new girl named Alyce Crawford , a model who has competed in “Australia’s Next Top Model . ” It was not that we thought that Blake and Leo to get married or anything, but we are still surprised that he moved on so quickly. Leo is currently in Australia filming “The Great Gatsby” as it leads us to believe that he had it together with Alyce from day one (which would mean he was cheating on Blake!)

We all know that Leo has a thing for models, so this flirtation is perhaps not so unexpected. Sources say of course that they are “just friends” but we all know what that means! And Blake … yes she has seen along with Ryan Reynolds , her “Green Lantern” co-star.


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