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Lindsay Lohan in Vanity Fair Italy: The Sultry House Arrest Photo Shoot

Being under house arrest wasn’t about to stop Lindsay Lohan from doing whatever it is she does. Girl made money and a mockery of justice last month!

Members of the celebrity gossip media were puzzled when a tall, bamboo barricade was put on the roof of her Venice Beach house. Now we know why.

A Vanity Fair Italy photo shoot, showcasing Lohan posing on her roof and inside her new pad in all her sultry glory, just surfaced online and in print:

The shoot wasn’t the only gig that Lindsay, who is now a free woman after wearing an ankle monitor for most of June, did while under house arrest.

She also shot a commercial for Beezid (dot) com and Air New Zealand. Talk about making the best of a bad situation. Here are more VF photos:

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