Nicole Kidman Encourages People To Support Donald Trump

A few days before Donald Trump takes office as president of the United States, the entertainment industry has let its opinions about Trump be known. The latest person to talk about the subject was Nicole Kidman.

The Australian actress, who also holds US nationality, told BBC News that Trump’s arrival in power is a reality and must be accepted. “I just say that he has already been elected, and we as a country must support whoever becomes president, because that is what a country is based on,” he said.

Nicole Kidman’s statements come in the middle of the promotional tour she’s doing to promote the film “Lion.” She also confessed that he doesn’t like to talk about politics. “I am very hesitant to comment on political issues. I don’t do it when it comes to Australia or the United States, “he added. Although she said she agreed to comment on the issue because the elections are over.

“He’s now elected and we as a country need to support whoever is president because that’s what the country’s based on.” “However that happened, he’s there, and let’s go.

Other stars in the industry include Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, Andrew Garfield, Felicity Jones, Dakota Fanning, Amy Adams, Chris Pine, Hailee Steinfeld, Taraji P. Henson, Michelle Williams, Greta Gerwig and Mahershala Ali Have lent their voice to record I Will Survive, the anthem against pain, grief and abandon sung by Gloria Gaynor and dedicated to the new President of the USA, Donald Trump, who takes office on the 20th.


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