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Oh no! Katie Holmes is considering taking back Tom Cruise

How about THIS scenario: Tom Cruise leaving Scientology and Katie Holmes takes him back without blinking! A source close to Katie reveals that “Katie was jättekär in Tom, he was her childhood dream., It took a lot of courage and strength for her to break free. Now she has peace of mind, but no love.” The source says that Katie lacks the married life she had with Tom.

If Tom really did Katie Church would consider taking him back. “Tom has always been using Scientology methods but he now realize that they do not work in a marriage.” says a friend of Tom who adds, “So he might leave Scientology.” The friend continues, “Katie fell in love with Tom’s personality, not his faith., If he left the throne and rediscovered her personality, she would love him again.” We are not so sure that it would be good again anyway … what do you think?

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