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Princess Madeleine of the criticism: “I feel sad

Princess Madeleine has long been criticized for living life of luxury in the U.S. in Swedish taxpayers’ expense. In an interview at the Royal Court’s website says the princess on how she feels about the criticism: “I feel sad when it is described as if I live life of luxury and do nothing but shop and hang in restaurants. Secondly I have my work on Childhood, and I’ll do it for Sweden when I asked, “she says. She also responds to the criticism, explaining that when she represents Sweden paid travel and other things of the court, but that her other expenses paid by her own pocket.

“The fact that I now live in the U.S. rather than in Sweden does not mean that my role as Princess of Sweden is changing, but I will continue to work for Sweden in the U.S.,” says Madden also in the interview. And she has no plans to move home in the near future. We wonder if this is because her love Chris or job


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