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Ryan Phillippe has become a father for the third time!

Ryan Phillippe   Celebrity Babies

Ryan Phillippe goes really fast through the women! But with an appearance as his, so one can hardly blame all women fall for him. On July 1 Ryan became a father for the third time. And who is the mother may ask? Well her name is Alexis Knapp, and she’s a model . Ryan and Alexis dating for a month in 2010 and despite the fact that Ryan has not taken a DNA test to determine that he is the child’s biological father, so he acts even as one when he arrived with the doctor and been by her side when she gave birth to the little boy (named Kai) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

We take a wild guess and say that this is probably the reason behind Ryan’s recent breakup with Amanda Seyfried … Anyway, we wish the new parents the best of luck and say a big congratulations to Alexis who just secured himself a golden ticket for the next 18 years of his life!

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