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Selena Gomez Is Heartbroken: “She Misses The Sweet And Innocent Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has once again ended up in downward spiral of scandals, and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is said to be ashamed of his recent behavior and misses the sweet and innocent Justin she once fell in love with. The “Come & Get It” singer now wishes he could go back to his old self, reports Hollywood Life.

“She misses Justin,” a source says to the magazine and continues: “He’s not the same person she fell in love with and she feels sad for him because his ego is getting the best of him.” Selena was reportedly heartbroken after seeing the video footage of Justin sleeping in bed with a Brazilian girl earlier this week. “Selena does not want to be associated with Justin anymore because he draws too much negative attention to himself,” the source adds and claims that the chance that they will become a couple again has been eliminated for good.

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