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Seth Rogen Marries Longtime Girlfriend – Seth Rogen – Photos & Pics

We love it when celebrities get married! So we were super excited when we found out that comic, Seth Rogen , married his girlfriend of six years, Lauren Miller. We fell for Seth when he made the film “Knocked Up” and we thought he was great in “The Green Hornet,” he’s just so funny!

Seth and Lauren met in 2004, they announced their engagement is not the foremost 2010th Seth talks about how he ran the ring and proposed, “It felt like someone gave me a truck full of heroin to keep them. It felt like the secret police would kick down my door at any moment.” LOL! Seth continues by telling how he proposed while Lauren was in the tub of the closet!

The couple’s marriage seems to have been great, with guests who Jonah Hill , Paul Rudd , Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann . “The wedding did more laughing than anything else … Every other sentence was a joke! And guests could not keep from laughing.” It sounds like the perfect wedding! Congratulations, Seth and.

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