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Taylor Swift about their love problems: “I imagine not

Love is among the best available, but may be too painful for one’s own good. Ask Hollywood’s most hopeless romantics Taylor Swift ! Taylor, who is currently rumored dating One Direction member is Harry Styles , can not control his emotions when he falls in love and has recently spoken out about his love problem: I do not think there is any option for me when it comes to falling in love slowly or in the average speed. I’m either in love or I will get there. I imagine not, which is both good and bad. I imagine not before I jump, like ‘Wow this is awesome! We are not going through it again, ‘and then you suddenly think,’ We used to fly, now we fall. What is happening?” She continues: “Part of me feels that one can not say that you were really in love if the relationship did not work. When I got married and have children, then I will know that it was for real. ‘

Taylor has had his young heart broken many times, which has resulted in four albums of love songs, both happy and unhappy … So yes, there will probably always something good from the bad? Now we keep our fingers crossed that your latest fling with Harry holding and if nothing else, we look forward to a new love influenced album of heart and pain à la Swift

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