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Taylor Swift crashed a Kennedy wedding

Embarrassing! We thought that Taylor Swift got along well with her ​​new in-laws family, but sources, and Vicki Kennedy says that she is not welcome in the Kennedy family, not at all! This weekend crashed Taylor namely a Kennedy wedding in Boston, and even though she was asked to leave the party twice, she did not do it, declares the bride’s mother, Victoria Gifford Kennedy!

“They smsade me an hour before the wedding and wondered if they could come,” said Victoria Kennedy. “I said very clearly, ‘No, do not come’, but they came anyway …. I went personally to Miss. Swift, whose entrance disturbed the whole party, introduced me kindly and asked her so nice I was able to leave the party. It was like talking to a ghost. She pretended not to see me, “continued the mother. OMG, Taylor?! Can you be more rude to people?! You are not queen of the world if you believe it

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