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Third time lucky! Another car crash for Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes will soon look out for now she is involved in yet another car accident. What makes matters worse is that she, like previous times refuses to take responsibility! In April, Amanda ran into a police car, a week later, she ran up on a trotoarkant as she sat and smsade in the car and was inattentive, in May, she ran into another car from the right side. Yesterday, the new blast, Amanda ran into a woman’s car from behind! Need we say that Amanda has denied her problems with driving while now?

For some reason, the police condone Amanda’s mistakes, even now. Amanda herself seems to think it’s the most natural thing in the world that she be spared. In June, she wrote on Twitter that President Obama should help her. “Hey @ Barack Obama … I do not drink. Please lay off police, who arrested me. I also disagree with the escapes. End.” Well Amanda, if you’re sober, it leaves only one other explanation for your behavior – you’re a terrible driver

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