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Traffic Danger! Kendall Jenner causing total Chaos

Hey, bad girl! Kendall Jenner does not seem to care much about the safety of others – or her own for that matter either. The young reality star and model, was spotted smsa while she sat at rattem, and an eyewitness was really worried: “The car drove over the road. I thought the driver was drunk when I drove up beside the car, I realized that it was Kendall Jenner , “says the witness.

“She smsade when she drove, I tried to run off at the highway, but I could not get through h√∂gerfulen because Kendall was not sufficiently attentive, and her car had been run into the mine. When she realized that we took pictures of her she looked angrily at me but continued smsa and laughing with his friends in the car. ” Hey Ken, let one of my friends write instead when you drive

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