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West Caused Panic At Festival: “It Was Complete Chaos

Kanye West caused “pure panic” backstage at Wireless Festival recently. The rapper freaked out when he realized the color of his linen wasn’t what he expected. “Kanye will only ever have a white dressing room, and this is usually included in his rider. But for some reason, there was black linen in his dressing room,” an insider tells Daily Mirror.

When West saw the black linen, he was furious. “This could not be allowed to happen. Organizers were told to get rid and replace it with the white stuff or Kanye wouldn’t set a foot in there,” the source continues, adding this caused complete panic backstage. The staff managed to get the room ready in time, and everyone were fine with it.

Kanye is said to be most comfortable when he’s surrounded by white, and says it is the only way he can relax before a big performance.

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