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Why Khloe Forgave Malika After Texting With French Montana

One of the reasons why Khloe Kardashian dumped French Montana was because he was texting with her best friend Malika Haqq. But despite French’s secret fling with Malika behind Khloe’s back, the reality star decided to forgive her best friend now that French is out of the picture.

“Khloe forgave Malika because she didn’t do anything wrong, it was French that was flirting with her,” a source tells Hollywood Life. The source also explained that Malika didn’t tell Khloe about the messages right away, because she didn’t want to see her get hurt. “She didn’t tell Khloe at first because she didn’t want to hurt her but then she had a heart-to-heart with Khloe and showed her the messages.”

The source also claims that Khloe was already on the verge of breaking up with French. “She had a lot of doubts about him. She trusts Malika like a sister, she knows she’d never stab her in the back that way.

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