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Woman seriously injured in the Chris Brown & Drake fights

My God, this is really not good! A few days ago we wrote about the quarrel that broke out between Chris Brown and rapper Drake . Apparently, the reason for the fight Rihanna , but no matter – several people have been injured and nightclub WIP has been shut down! Tony Parker , got a graze and Chris Brown’s bodyguard was hospitalized with a large head wound. But a woman who was in the middle of the fight had such a hard blow that she needed 12 stitches. And guess what? She intends to sue them!

The woman, named Lucy, says she was in the VIP section of the club when she ducked a blow and bottles started flying. She did not know she injured until she was away from the club. She had to sew 12 stitches and a large syringe. Lucy intends to sue the club and maybe even Chris and Drake . Oh, if only Chris and Drake was able to take it easy ..

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